NFL – Seattle Seahawks upsets the New Orleans Saints in Wild Card Round

NFL – Seattle Seahawks upsets the latest Orleans Saints in Wild Card Round

The Seattle Seahawks are working their particular method into the playoffs within the most bizarre way. And it’s all due to where they have result from. There isn’t any doubt among fans and recreations reporters alike: the weakest link in professional soccer can be found in the west Division for the nationwide Football meeting.

Merely to get you to the right perspective, we must give consideration to that neither Seattle, the St. Louis Rams, the bay area 49ers nor the Arizona Cardinals had a winning season within 2010. At 7-9 general and 4-2 record in unit play the Seahawks clinched unit making it to the Wild Card Round. Which despite their particular losing period. Simply put, Seattle skilled in to the playoffs simply because they where strongest team in the weakest division in expert football. As a matter of fact, the Seahawks could never link even more after that two wins during regular period.

But, in some way, the Seahawks in which capable place in 41 points across saints, a group that do not only holds a 11-5 record for regular period it is also the Super Bowl defending Champions. Therefore, the Seahawks have grown to be the initial NFL staff to win a Playoffs online game with a 7-9 record since the dudes from Seattle completed an epic 41-36 upset up against the Saints during the Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington.

The Seahawks’ quarterback Matt Hasselbeck ended up being definitely outstanding within Sunday’s game. He finished 22 of his 35 tries to push the stores 272 yards for 4-touchdown passes and 1 interception. It has been their personal most useful overall performance in a playoffs game. Such an excellent overall performance that it was good enough to outplay the Saints’ quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, Andrew Brees while he completed 39 of 60 for 404 yards (that’s very nearly two times as many as Hasselbeck) for two touchdowns and no interceptions.

It seems that everybody else in Seattle had been capable of getting their act collectively when it mattered many. As a matter of fact, Hasselback managed to get a hold of wide-open people with enormous ease. He delivered a couple of touchdowns passes to tight-end John Carlson (even thought this guy only scored one TD within the regular period). Then linked to Brandon Stokley on a 45-yard touchdown right before the halftime break. He then discovered Mike Williams immediately after the break to complete a 38 yards on the Seahawks very first drive-in the third one-fourth. That was adequate to supply the Seahawks 31-20 lead over the Saints, and work its way up for a rigorous finish.

Marshawn Lynch had been the person regarding the time as he finished off the Saints with a nerve breaking 67 lawn run with 3:22 left in the clock for a team with a dropping period win its first ever playoffs game. Lynch took in a moment down carry breaking off six tackles on his long term as eight various New Orleans people put on the job him. That, and a rather stiff arm against cornerback Tracy Porter had been enough to complete the longest scoring run of Lynch’s career plus the Seahawks pass to the after that round.


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