Best airlines flying to the United States

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines is a major US airline headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates a wide range of domestic and international networks. Delta's flights range from London Gatwick Airport, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin and Shannon to New York's JFK International Airport, Cincinnati and Atlanta's main hubs.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Continental is the fourth largest airline in the United States.


The airline flies to Newark and Houston from all major UK airports including London Gatwick Airport, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast and Shannon.

Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson's Virgin operates long-haul routes between the UK and North America from London's main base at Heathrow Airport. The airline's bases in London's Gatwick and Manchester airports are smaller. Virgin Atlantic flights to the United States include Newark International Airport, New York JFK International Airport, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

American Airlines

The AA is the largest airline in the United States and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, adjacent to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. American Airlines operates scheduled flights from London, Manchester and Dublin to Boston, New York's JFK International Airport, Chicago, Raleigh/Durham, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles.

British Airways

This British flag airline offers a large number of international flights from the UK to the United States. The airline is one of the preferred airlines from London to New York's JFK International Airport, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and more. British Airways also offers flights to Canada, including international airports in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

How to get a cheap travel package

Direct routes are not always the cheapest

  In many cases, there seems to be no rhythm or reason to explain how to work. There are seasonal changes, changes in time, depending on changes in demand, and then there seems to be no change at all. When searching for discounts, etc., check the alternate route to find the desired destination. In many cases, the combination of two flights may be cheaper than one flight.

This can usually be achieved by taking advantage of very cheap domestic airfare in the United States. For example, a round-trip flight from New York to a Montreal hotel, such as Best Western Europa in Centralville, Canada, takes about an hour and costs about $300. For roughly the same price, you can find a return flight from New York to Los Angeles. The key is that because of the reasons and traffic, police and taxes, the cost of a family flight is much cheaper than an international flight, and miles are equivalent to miles.

So, depending on where you want to go, if you are willing to make your own flight before you transfer to a foreign country, it may be much cheaper. For example, if you live in the northern United States and want to go to Latin America or South America, the first domestic flight to the southern hub, including Miami or Dallas, is usually much cheaper and then fly there. Go south again, rather than going straight a long way from the northern city. In addition, when exploring multiple flights, remember how close you may be to the main aviation hub – to fly directly from a more compact city to the world, then fly to an important hub, there will be many Extra high cost. the first.

In many cases, if you are willing to endure the inconvenience of two entry, you can enjoy discount travel. Keep in mind that because many discount flight sites don't search for destinations in this way, you will need to do some creative thinking yourself.

Eat on the spot

  One of the often overlooked keys to lowering price travel is the cost of food, which can be greatly reduced by purchasing at a local grocery store rather than eating out. If you can, most of the places you live in will take advantage of the tourists, and you often don't understand that unless you do some currency conversion, you will pay $10 for a bad dinner at the hotel. Instead, buy some healthy snakes and fresh food from the market and dine on an outing. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to cook – it just means you have to catch fresh food that you can eat on the go instead of having lunch at a tourist hotel.

Background information on West Jet flights

West Jet's flight is owned by Airline Ltd. West Jet's flights to 71 destinations in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States. The airline was founded in 1996 and is currently considered to be the second largest airline in Canada after Air Canada. WestJet Airways has an average of 425 flights and carries more than 45,000 passengers a day. They operate on different types of single aircraft belonging to the Boeing 737 generation. The main hub of the flight and the headquarters of Calgary International Airport in Alberta. West Jet has another large hub at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario.

Currently, West Jet's flights fly to 71 destinations in 13 countries in North America, as well as 30 cities in Canada and 18 cities in the United States. In terms of the number of daily take-offs, the largest flight hub is Calgary International Airport. The second largest hub of the flight is Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is also the main point of connection in eastern Canada.

West Jet's flights also serve major airports in the United States, such as Los Angeles International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Sea Jet Airways operates the largest number of flights from Canada to Orlando and Las Vegas, including direct flights from 11 cities in Canada to these two US destinations. In terms of number of passengers, the West Jet flight is the most frequent flight from an international carrier to Las Vegas. West Jet's flights also fly to 17 destinations in the Caribbean and 6 destinations in Mexico.

WestJet's flight first used LiveTV for in-flight entertainment on its 737-700 and -800 aircraft in 2005. The LiveTV system uses the Bell TV satellite network and has many channels from various networks, including one channel. The channel on the flight shows the exact location of the aircraft on the area map. The height of the GPS export and the ground speed of the flight are also displayed on the channel.

Passengers on the flight can also purchase food on the flight through the “in-flight purchase” meal plan. Travelers can buy sandwiches, snacks and even alcoholic beverages on the fly. Some food and drinks are still provided free of charge during the flight. Passengers are very interesting, as all WesJet flight staff are known for being friendly and tolerant.

10 steps to travel cheaply in Europe

You have the opportunity to search for a ticket at least once, thinking that I guess I retired at the age of 65 and it will still be there. Don't be angry!! I will explain how to go to Europe's dream country at a price that is less than you think.

Step 1. Forget your exact travel plan

The quickest way to make your trip as expensive as possible is to narrow your search to an incredibly specific range.

For example, just because you have a four-day weekend at Easter doesn't mean it's a good time to travel. Open yourself and have the flexibility to choose your travel dates, travel locations and places to stay. The more flexible you are, the cheaper you will travel.

Step 2. Determine where you really want to go.

I know that what I said just is very flexible, but that doesn't mean you can't choose where you want to go, which means you have to be open to ways you didn't think of. If you want to visit Dublin most, don't just search for flights from the US to Dublin. It is possible for you to find a ticket from the US to another European city at a lower price. You can then book another short flight to Dublin with a round-trip ticket for less than $80. This is also a great way to see the rewarding countries!

Step 3. Identify the city you want to fly out of

The price of the ticket to Europe varies greatly depending on the airport, departure point and date of travel you are flying to. So a good first step might be to determine which airport you want to fly to. If you live in a big city like New York, Boston or Los Angeles, then fortunate! You will find the cheapest flights from these cities to Europe. If you don't live in these cities, you are likely to eventually fly over to Europe. So if you can drive to one of those cities, it might be a cheaper option. Otherwise, consider booking a flight from one of your hometown to one of the cities. Although this is strange, you can get a cheaper flight by booking each leg separately instead of booking a flight from home to destination.

Step 4. Identify the cheapest European city

The easiest way is to check the website that summarizes all the cheapest flights, so you don't have to search hundreds of flights yourself. Some sites allow you to enter the United States or the city you are leaving in the From field. In the To field, try selecting Everywhere. Then scroll down the list to find the first/cheap country in Europe. For example, if the price in Norway is $340 and the price in France is $380, then if you want to make France your ideal destination, then choosing France may be worthwhile; but if the difference exceeds $100, I will choose first. The cheapest airport. The annoyance of Skyscanner is that transactions are usually no longer active, and sometimes you have to search through many dates to find the cheapest way to travel. But patience is the key, and this is how you find the cheapest flight. Another suggestion is that sometimes flights are made through travel agencies, so it may be worthwhile to search for travel agency comments before booking a ticket, keeping in mind that satisfied customers rarely write reviews. However, if the institution has one-fifth of a star, this could be a clue.

Step 5. Find a flight to Europe and take you to the ideal destination in Europe

One thing most people don't realize is that it is cheap to fly from one country in Europe to another.

I flew over Europe for a one-way fare of $14. not kidding. I have never paid more than $60 for flights in Europe. Use to find flights from the country where you booked the cheapest flight to Europe to the actual destination.

Step 6. Since you are here, look for a cheap or free place to stay.

Everyone has their own dream vacation ideas. If you stay at the Ritz Hotel, I am surprised that you have read this part of this article. For most of us, we just want to stay in a decent place and enjoy everything that Europe has to offer. I have never stayed in Europe. I don't want to, I am not so desperate. Accommodation is divided into four options: hotel, rent, hotel or Couchsurf.

  • hostel from

     . Living in a hotel is a safe way. If this is your first time in Europe, or if you are not too adventurous, then this may be the choice you want. Depending on the location of the hotel you visit, you can range from $20-$200 per night, so you may want to keep this in mind when choosing your destination. I don't recommend staying in Monaco unless your oil company's first-quarter profit hits a record high, but staying nearby may be an option. In other words, keep it open.

  • Rent from

     . Booking a rental house, apartment, villa or home is also a safe option, but it is more complicated than just staying at the hotel. Sites like Homeaway and Airbnb offer some very unique locations, and I have to say that some of my favorite places in Europe are rental. From a villa in a Tuscan winery to a secluded mother on the outskirts of London, I really like renting, and if there is a group of people, the price is usually much cheaper than living in a hotel. You can share the cost.

  • hostel from

     . The term hotel has raised people's thoughts about horror movies, but the reality is that in Europe, the distinction between hotels and hotels is sometimes indistinguishable. Of course, in the hotel, you can add a bunk bed in one room with the other five travelers. For some people, this is exciting and fun! However, just because the bunk bed is not your business, it does not mean that you should exclude everything with the word host in the title. I live in a hotel as good as a hotel.

  • Couchsurf from

     . If you really have a tight budget, or if it's really important for the locals to face you, there is no better way than Couchsurf. If you don't know what I am talking about, please visit the Couchsurfing website. Essentially, the site allows you to request a stay with someone who is willing to receive the traveler for free, and vice versa. People will comment on travelers and landlords so you can be sure that they are in good standing. This is of course risky and safety precautions should be taken. In addition, you should always have a backup plan just in case.

Step 7. Eat cheaply.

I focus on the essentials of visiting Europe: travel, accommodation and food. There are of course many other ways to spend money, but these are all things you have to spend, and food is one of them.

The food is great. I like food. I went to Europe a few times before. I was very disappointed because I wandered freely into the restaurant and most of them were below standard. When I started looking at TripAdvisor's restaurant reviews, it all changed, and it made every meal great. This is not a general recommendation, but a tip for money. However, TripAdvisor does allow you to search at the general price of the restaurant, so the cheaper $$ is the average price of the $$ is getting more expensive.

This is the secret to saving money: buying groceries in Europe is usually very cheap. So if you book an apartment with a kitchen, please use it! Go shopping in the local market and buy some novel food to cook! If you are on the go, please buy more sandwich food to save a few dollars.

Step 8. Realize that there are more expenses

Even if travel, accommodation and food are your main expenses, there are of course other expenses. Things to consider include: transportation after arrival, attractions and souvenirs.

Transportation options include taking public transportation. Most European cities have cheap and cheap public transport that can be purchased at self-service stations using local currency or debit cards. Please note that these credit cards are generally not available for US credit cards because you need a chip and password.

If you are planning to travel outside the city, renting a car is a good option, usually cheap and gives you the freedom to travel. Although the train is fascinating, it is usually not a cheap way to travel through Europe. Flights are much cheaper and faster. However, if you like the idea of ​​traveling the village by train, it is worth trying. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the Eurorail website for a fee. Or, if you're more flexible and risky, you can buy it yourself at the train station, and the price is usually much cheaper.

Step 9. Driving lights

Although you may not think that the running lights will save money, please believe me, it will. First, each airline collects a baggage fee. This way, you will spend between $25 and $100 per bag for each flight. This adds up quickly. Second, if you have two suitcases, you will be filled with two suitcases filled with things you might not need. Third, when you are dragging two bulky bags, cheap transportation like the subway becomes frustrating and impractical. Fourth, your luggage must always be carried with you or at the hotel, so if you plan to check out in the morning and travel to another city, you will not be able to do anything until you arrive at your hotel and check your baggage. All in all, carrying a bunch of things around Europe is just a huge pain. My advice [I can't emphasize too much] is to put everything into a backpack. I have a 50-liter backpack that has a month and a half in Europe and it has everything I need. Yes, there are also laundry shops in Europe. If you are talking, then you will not understand, because you are a man. I traveled with two young women, both of whom put everything in their backpack. If you say you don't understand, because you are still young, I went to Europe with my mother, and she stuffed everything into a standard-sized school backpack! You can do it too!

Step 10. Always plan for the worst things and hope for the best things

Whenever I travel to Europe, I plan my expected expenses and put everything together. I also plan to pay at least $200 in accidental expenses. In the end, my expenses are always much lower than this number, but I don't want to end my life if this cost makes me overwhelmed.

in conclusion

I gave you a budget-simplified European budget guide with 2,000 words. Of course, there are many other things to consider when booking a trip to Europe, but the most important thing is to do it! Find cheap flights to Europe and make reservations. You can fill in all the blanks later, don't try to plan everything before getting tickets, and don't try to plan every second every day. Set aside time to spontaneously immerse yourself in European life.

An incredible entertainment park in the United States without Disneyland or Six Flags

In the past few years, American amusement parks have become synonymous with Disneyland or Six Flags. But anyone who has been to any other amusement park in the country will tell you that this is not the case. The time spent on family parks with family is not limited to two amusement parks, but there are many other places where people can spend some time. So, without wasting time, let us go straight to the best amusement park in the country, where you and your entire family can enjoy endless fun.

Fun World – The ultimate family entertainment resort

If you don't have a good reason to book a flight to Kansas City, you'll now have a truly extraordinary and exciting world of entertainment. There are so many things to do here that it seems that one visit is not enough and you will be persuaded to return again. Interesting rides, entertainment shows, water slides, this place has it all. Take a cheap flight to Kansas City and have fun.

Cedar Point – the kingdom of a roller coaster

Cedar Point, Ohio, is proud to call itself the “World Roller Coaster Capital,” which is probably a fact. The park is home to 18 of the most advanced roller coasters that will pass adrenaline levels through the roof. Moreover, this does not include other adventures that you can enjoy with the entire family. 2018 also marks Cedar Point's long-awaited Steel Vengeance roller coaster, the world's first super hybrid roller coaster.

Hersheypark – a park that makes you drool

The purpose of the Hersheypark was to provide entertainment and leisure time for the staff of the Hershey Chocolate Factory, but it quickly changed. Today, the site welcomes scent seekers from all over the world. Its 14 roller coasters are designed to bring you different levels of fun, and the concerts held during the summer months will give you a foothold. So, are you ready for some sweet memories? Remember to check the parking date before booking your ticket.

Universal Studios Hollywood – Destination Blockbuster

No one can deny that Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the biggest reasons people booked to fly to Los Angeles. That is a great charm. Here, you can enjoy a variety of rides with the theme of Hollywood blockbusters, such as "Hipporefu Flight", "Transformers: 3D Cycling", "Mummy's Revenge – Cycling" and so on. If you want a truly unparalleled experience and want to visit the sound stage of TV shows and movies, then book a VIP ticket for yourself.

Bush Garden Williamsburg – idyllic summer escape

The Williamsburg Bush Garden is hailed as “the most beautiful theme park in the world”. It is not only a place to dance with loved ones, but also a striking attraction. This European theme park allows you to spy on the German Oktoberfest in Germany, the aesthetic villages of Europe, the streets of Paris and the small villages of Scotland. It is full of incredible experiences that will make you ask for more.

So, have you booked a cheap domestic flight to one of these destinations?

Flight information for low cost airlines

Flight information for low-cost airlines provides detailed information on cheap flights operated by different airlines around the world. Cheap airline tickets make them popular with travelers within the prescribed budget. Flight information for low-cost airlines can help you plan your trip ahead of time and book flights accordingly.

Here are flight information for low cost airlines around the world:

Since its inception in 1971, Southwest Airlines has been one of the most popular airlines offering flights to all major US locations. Southwest Airlines' 64 flight destinations include Birmingham, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Albany, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Nashville, Washington, DC and more.

Volaris is a joint effort of Discovery Americas I and TACA Airlines and is one of the newest airlines operating in Mexico. The main hub of the flight is Mexico City International Airport. Destinations for flights to Volaris include Baja California, Campeche, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, Guanajuato and more.

Founded in 1997, Allegiant Air operates scheduled and charter flights from its hub in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Allegiant Air is one of the most popular airlines in the United States, flying to San Diego, Mesa, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Santa Maria, Idaho Falls, Orlando, Green Bay, McAllen, Knoxville Waiting for the destination.

Tiger Airways is an airline operating in Singapore that regularly travels international flights around the world. The number of flights that run weekly is 3 to 100 flights. The destinations of Tiger Airways include India, Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Flight information for low cost airlines makes it easy to plan your trip. Many low-cost carriers around the world, including Southwest Airlines, Volaris, Allegiant Airlines and Tiger Airways, offer cheap flights to multiple destinations around the world.

Cheap flights from El Paso: a guide to ELP airports, airlines and affordable destinations

Whether you are from El Paso or on the road, you can use the internet to find special fares. ELP is the gateway to West Texas and the northern and southern parts of New Mexico. You can also fly to other parts of the country; there are six airlines that fly in and out several times a day. Finding cheap flights from El Paso to every region of the US is usually not difficult.

If you want to fly to Vegas, Orlando or San Diego, Allegiant Airlines offers some great deals. American Airlines offers direct flights to major cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as links to international destinations. Other airlines serving ELP include Southwest Airlines, Border Aviation, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. Southwest Airlines is the top airline to fly to ELP, offering more than 1,200 flights a month.

If you need to travel to other cities in Dallas or New Mexico from other parts of the country, it is cheaper to decide whether to fly directly to El Paso and then to Dallas. Since ticket prices vary from day to day, you may want to adjust the date and time as flexibly as possible. One day you may find that there are no cheap flights from El Paso to your destination, and on the second day, there may be several flights to choose from.

Best days for cheap flights from El Paso

Many travel experts recommend flying out on certain days of the week to get the cheapest room rate. For example, leaving during the week and returning on Sunday or Tuesday will usually bring you many round-trip offers. However, this is not always the case, especially around the holidays, so you still want to spend some time studying the options and comparing the rates.

ELP is a nice airport so you can enjoy yourself while waiting for boarding. There are two historical galleries with artifacts and images, as well as a shopping mall on the main floor, which can be accessed in front of the security checkpoint. High-speed Wi-Fi Internet access is available throughout the terminal.

Rates are determined by individual airlines rather than airports. Sometimes you will find other discounts and promotional codes on the third-party travel bargaining website. Don't just look for cheap flights from El Paso – check out the hotel + ticket combination package. If you book everything at once, you can save on the entire trip.

You can find all these packages and deals online. The flight search and comparison tool is very easy to use. You will soon find cheap flights from El Paso to almost any destination.

Cheap Flights to San Diego – City, Airport and Budget Travel Information

In the months of November to January, you are most likely to find cheap flights to San Diego. Although this time is still very lively, it is still considered to be the “off season” of the city. There is really no “bad” visit time because the weather is fine all year round.

In addition to good weather, this Southern California city is also close to a variety of parks, beaches, boutiques, art galleries and other fun activities. In the night life, there is no lack of fun and excitement. If you want to go sailing, the best time is from May to October, although the ticket price may be higher.

There are many American cities and international cities offering round trips. Some cities in the United States that regularly offer cheap flights to San Diego include New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago. Cheap international flights can usually be taken from Vancouver, Hong Kong, London, Belfast and Mexico City.

San Diego International Airport is the main airport to the city and surrounding areas. It is always a busy airport, providing travelers with a wealth of useful facilities. If you are just turning around there, you will find everything you need in restaurants and stores. If you plan to stay in the city for at least one night, the airport is well connected to the hotel and the hotel. Tijuana International Airport and McClellan Paloma Airport are alternatives.

The importance of cheap flights to San Diego to customer service

When looking for airfare offers, you must use a website that provides 24/7 customer service. Do not automatically buy at the lowest price you see, as this may not be the best deal. There may be some hidden costs involved. For example, some "cheap" airliners may sell tickets at a lower price, but may charge you extra money to pay for things that should be carried for free, such as carry-on baggage or drinks on board.

If you have to change or cancel your flight, the website where you book your flight may charge a huge fee. Even if you don't plan to do this, you don't know when an emergency may occur. It's always best to be cautious and look for cheap flights to San Diego on sites that don't charge for cancellations.

Still need a hotel? If you have not booked a room, you may need to combine your hotel reservation with your flight reservation. If you book both at the same time, you may sometimes offer a huge discount. When searching for "cheap flights to San Diego" in a discount travel search engine, you usually choose "Airfare + Hotel".

There are no secrets to finding cheap flights to San Diego. The process is simple: you only need to use the online promotion code. These are the best deals you can find for both business and leisure travel.

Cheap Flights to San Jose – Learn about SJC Airport, Airline and Savings Opportunities

Are you searching for cheap flights to San Jose, California on the Internet? It is a popular city with a large international airport [SJC]. With a rich cultural history and convenient location, San Jose is a hot spot for business travellers and leisure travellers.

Several airlines around the world travel to and from SJC, including Alaska Airlines, Air China, Fiji Airlines, Mexican Airlines, Japan Aluminum, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines and more. All of these domestic and international airlines have flights in and out of the day, and it is not difficult to get affordable tickets. The most popular flights to San Jose are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and Mexico International Airlines.

Usually, you can find some of the cheapest flights from nearby cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Long Beach. However, cheap flights to San Jose can still be found in other cities across the country [ie Chicago and Denver]. Don't just look for offers from big airlines, because Spirit, JetBlue and Frontier offer airline tickets at very low prices. Although it is almost always better to book in advance, if you have little time and need to enter the Silicon Valley area as soon as possible, Southwest Airlines is a good airline choice for the last minute direct flight to San Jose.

Whenever you need to leave and plan which city to depart from, it's best to use a travel website that will allow you to search for a large number of airlines and offers to find cheap flights to San Jose.

Add hotels to cheap flights to San Jose

Need a hotel? Some of these travel sites will offer you a selection of hotels other than flight reservations. When you combine these two costs, you usually have a big discount. Whether you are only planning to stay for a few days or a whole week, combining airfare and accommodation is cheaper than paying the two separately.

The best time to go to Northern California is from June to September. The temperature during the day is warm, but there is no high temperature at night. This is also the time for the annual Jazz Festival, which is full of entertainment and delicacies.

From the Ming Dynasty Rock Park to the Drama Theatre, there are many attractions in Silicon Valley. You can enjoy more with the money saved by cheap flights to San Jose.

Did you know that when you go online, can you search for more than 400 airlines and more than 320,000 hotels to find the best travel deals? Using the search tool is the easiest way to find cheap flights to San Jose as well as hotel rooms, car rentals, dining discounts and more.

Discover amazing beaches in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for a few things, mainly because it is the hub of television, film and music studios. It is also home to the stunning beaches where swimmers, sunbathers and surfers can spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The stunning Santa Monica Mountains rise from the Pacific coast, with vibrant restaurants and clubs all over the beach, offering a mouthful of delicious global cuisine.

Panama Airlines Reservation from

 Offers cheap flights to Los Angeles. So book one and discover its beautiful beaches and make your holiday in the city an unforgettable event. Here are some of the most popular attractions found in Los Angeles:

Rio Carrillo State Beach – from

 Rio Carrillo State Beach is a mile stretch of Malibu, 25 miles north of Santa Monica. It is dotted with tidal pools, sea caves and other attractive sandy happiness. Book a cheap flight ticket to Los Angeles and take a Copa Airlines flight to explore the Rio Carrillo State Park that protects the beach. The park and beach are named after the actor and ecologist Leo Carrillo. It spans about 18 years. Picnics and camping make the experience of this place full of charm.

Bullfighter from

 – If you want to find a romantic experience in the city, you will not find a more romantic beach than the charming El Matador. This fascinating sandy area is located 10 miles northwest of Malibu, with raging waves, rocky shores and azure water.

Santa Monica Beach from

 – From surfing and swimming to beach volleyball and cycling; beachside gymnastics to playing outdoors – Santa Monica is a paradise for those looking for a great vacation.

Venice Beach – from

 It is one of the most popular beaches in this beautiful city. The breathtaking Venice Beach is a seaside community and beach known for its art paradise. Its beautiful location is full of Hollywood actors and musicians.

It is the home of the world-famous Ocean Front Walk, which stretches out in the Pacific Ocean. Book a cheap flight from Los Angeles to Alitalia Airlines. So book a book, fly to this amazing city and stroll through the stunning waterfront stroll.

So book a book and discover the classic satin powdery sand north of the historic Santa Monica Pier and let the place etch deep inside you.